Defi with real intrinsic value based on Proof of Stake coins with PIVX leading the charge.

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A portfolio in a token

WSTK combines the biggest proof of stake coins in the world to bring you an all in one solution for staking, earning and saving. Having a mixture of various PoS coins means that you are less exposed to the volatility of a single project. It’s like a stable coin for the entire Proof of Stake industry

Wrapped Stake prides itself on it’s transparency. On a weekly basis we will make our total rewards earned public and dispense them via Wstk among all hodlers. You do not need to ‘claim’ or be present, you will find your new WSTK in your wallet waiting for you.

Because WSTK is native to the Ethereum blockchain you can swap the token on all the popular ETH dexs such as Uniswap and sushiswap, this means, NO KYC and you are ALWAYS in control of your own tokens.

Ethereum token are proven secure and can be stored on pretty much ALL modern multicoin wallets. This means you probably do not need to download any new software specifically to store or use WSTK also you can be extra safe if you have a large amount and store it on most hardware devices such as Trezor and Ledger Nano.

On top of all of this WSTK employs a DAO between representatives of the projects being staked which helps to decide on the marketing and budget structure. Making this the most decentralised ‘wrapped’ project in DeFi